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5 Must-Try Dishes at Drunky's Two Shoe BBQ


May 19, 2015·by Leslie Kelly

Drunky's Two Shoe BBQ wins the prize for the year's most amusing restaurant name, and the recently launched roadhouse and its meaty menu follow suit. Alder smoke chugs out of the cooker in the funky courtyard, which is home to a few chickens and a couple of goats. Yes, dinner and a petting zoo. The decor is pure kitsch, with stuffed deer heads hanging on walls and tables made from old cable spools. Still, it manages not to cross the line to corny. And the 'cue is legit. Here are a few dishes you definitely want to check out.

1) Smoked bone marrow

The menu refers to this stuff as "God's Butter" and it might provoke an OMG moment when the liquid gold is smeared on a saltine. An order is $7, and bone-marrow fans are going to want to order two. We wouldn't be surprised if this kicked off a new trend: hillbilly gourmet. 

2) Hot links

Made in-house and four-star spicy, these sausages are not for wimps. You'll sweat, maybe even cry. But for those who like it hot, those will be tears of joy. Turn the heat up by dunking bites into the spicy Doom sauce. A side of potato salad cools things down nicely.

3) Burnt ends

Beef brisket from St. Helen's Farm is cooked Texas-style, with a thick bark on the outside and a pink smoke ring showing that tell-tale sign that the flavor has penetrated throughout. End chunks are considered a treat, and they're offered up when available. They're not on the regular menu, so you'll have to ask.

4) White-bread tacos

Pulled pork on a slice of soft, squishy bread sounds so simple, but this one's a genius happy-hour item. Just $2 a piece, the shredded cabbage and tomato-based barbecue sauce complete this fab bar snack.

5) Half chicken

Brined for three days, this bird is super-juicy and picks up the flavor from the smoker, especially when you dunk bites in the mustard-y white sauce. The chicken is a star of the Drunken Feast, a sample of everything that includes brisket, ribs and sides like slaw and potato salad.

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